Directory of
Photographic Collections
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We wish for you to get the best out of the Directory so we have included this Help section.

The Directory includes a number of links to external websites and e-mail addresses. All the links to websites will open in a new window, and e-mail addresses will open your own e-mail account. The Directory does not provide biographical or image information on photographers or studios but we have linked to websites which provide this type of information.

Please be aware that while we provide links to external websites the University of the Arts London, the Photography and the Archive Research Centre, the Directory of Photographic Collections in the UK, and it representatives are not responsible for the content on these pages.

Searching the Directory:

Please note the sections on the left of the screen Collections Listing by and Quick Search, and the sections on the top of the page are always displayed when you view the Directory.

The Directory has been created to incorporate the following information, which we consider useful for anyone carrying out research requiring photographs. We have used these headings as the basis for searching the Directory.

  • Institution name
  • Collection name
  • Photographer name
  • Company/Studio name
  • Country (where the photograph was taken)
  • Photographic processes and formats, Photo-mechanical process
  • Subject headings

Search information

For simplicity and ease we have separated Photographer name from Studio/Company name – this does not, of course, indicate if a person was an amateur or commercial photographer, for example single names such as Bassano, Nadar, Reutlinger, Sarony, etc., are all names of photographers who owned commercial studios and advertised their studios by their surname. There are also commercial photographers such as Henry Dixon who initially advertised under his personal name and later as Henry Dixon & Son Ltd. If you are in any doubt type the name you are looking for into the Quick Search box.

General Search page:

Defined Search Options:
This section allows you to browse alphabetical lists of names by Institution, Collection and Photographer and Company/Studio name, and by drop-down lists for Country, Geographical Region, Photographic Format, Photographic Processes and Photo Mechanical Processes.